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R1100/1150/1200RT/GS/S/ST/GSA/R Stainless Steel cylinder aux light mounts / light bar


This is about a set of cylinder-placed stainless steel (3 mm thick) mounts for auxiliary lights. Initially they were designed for R1200RT bikes, given the fact that there is little to no space on other sides of the bike for fitting extra lights, but they fit all the 1200 models: GS/S/ST/GSA/R up to DOHC. They will not fit the DOHC models as these have different mounts. (I am thinking that a set for those will soon be available.)

Lately, I have also produced these for 1100 bikes. They do fit the RT for example, where fitting aux lights is hard to find the perfect spot for.


The location of the mounts (and the lights) is optimal because in case the bike falls on a side, the do not get damaged. Also, by fitting the lights as far as possible from the main headlight, you get a triangle-shaped pattern of light, and by this, oncoming traffic gets to see you better and not mistake you for a scooter or anything like that. I mean it is clear that a motorcycle is approaching.


The mounts are made of 3 mm thick stainless steel and polished to a near-mirror finish. They come with all the needed hardware: Allen screws, nylon locking nuts and washers, all in stainless steel. The lower part that gets locked on the valve cover is fixed, but the upper side is height adjustable. They can take two sets of lights, so you can mount a fog set on the lower side and a hi beam set on the upper side of the mounts. The bending on the upper mount part is for extra strength and so that the whole assembly does not vibrate.


When mounting, just tighten the valve cover screws by hand using a screwdriver instead of ratchet and have a feel of when you have to stop. By default, those bolts get tighten to 9Nm but since the mounts get under the screws, you now get to tighten by feel as it is metal pressing on the rubber seal now on the upper side of the cover. After installing, run the bike for one minute and check for oil leaks; there should be none but you do have to check.

Before ordering, visually verify that these mounts do not interfere with a crashbar system that you already have mounted on the bike! They are compatible though with the OEM plastic protection available from BMW.

The price is 139$, shipping included(that's ~20$), worldwide!



Did you make sure that these mounts do NOT interfere with a crashbar that you have mounted on the bike?

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