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BMW R and K bikes anodised front wheel brake rotor bobbins

$69.00 $77.00

Hi all,

I have started to make brake rotor bobbins for the front wheel. These replace OEM part # 34112310086, found on:


259R R 1100 R 94 (0402,0407) N/A, Europe

259R R 850 R 94 (0401,0406) N/A, Europe


259S R 1100 RS 93 (0411,0416) N/A, Europe

  259T :

259T R 1100 RT 96 (0413,0418) N/A, Europe

259T R 850 RT 96 (0412) N/A, Europe

  89V1 :

89V1 K 1 (0525,0535) N/A, Europe

89V1 K 100 RS (0523,0533) N/A, Europe


89V2 K 1100 LT (0526, 0536) N/A, Europe

89V2 K 1100 RS (0522,0532) N/A, Europe

These are made from 6068 anodised Aluminum. Do not even think about getting these bobbins made out of steel or anything else that hard! They are made from this aluminum so that the brake rotor does not wear, and neither does the part that they mount on. Just like OEM.

Check the brake rotors on your bike, in case it is one of the models above. Side to side play is normal, but if the discs turn clockwise or anti-clockwise, that is not OK.

All you need to have them as new are these bobins. The spacers and C-clips can be reused, as they are not an item that wears.

Fitting them requires you to:

- take off the front wheel;

- take the rotors off(retaining bolts might have locktite on them so heating might be needed; check with the manual);

- replace the bobbins;

- put back the rotors on the wheel; tightening torque is required (21Nm, but check with the manual to be sure).

UPDATE: as of 9/5/2016 I am adding stainless steel e-clips to the kit, while keeping the price the same!

The price is  69$ 77$ (till' the 2nd of Feb.), shipping included, for all 24 pcs. needed on your bike .


Dan Cata

We have bobbins for other BMW models, just use the Contact Us link in the header and let me know for what bike do you need them.

To what bike, model, and year do you plan to fit these to?

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