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BMW R1100S R1150 RS/GS/R/RT clutch slave cylinder repair kit


I have started to make repair kits for BMW R1100S and R1150GS RS R RT hydraulic clutches (OEM part # 21522335061 or 2101198(796) / 2101198796 ).

At some point in the bike's lifetime, the clutch actuation system starts to leak. This is most likely because the clutch fluid has not been changed when it should have been changed. What happens is that the brake fluid level in the reservoir starts to get lower, and it can get to the clutch friction plate, making it slip. This would be the worst case scenario. Usually, the level stays the same, or drops very slow, because as the clutch material wears, the level in the reservoir rizes, and if the seal is leaking, the effects somehow compensate oe for each other.

 The pump does not scratch and the piston has no damage either. Getting the brand new system, as new, is a waste of money IMHO.

 The kit contains:

 - new piston rubber seal;

- new gasket between the cylinder and the gearbox;

- new seger C-clip

The OEM system costs 147$, +/-. Ther repair kit is sold for 55$, shipping included, worldwide!



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