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BMW R1200RT stainless steel windshield brackets

$75.00 $88.00

 BMW R1200RT stainless steel upper windshield brackets

 The upper windshield brackets on the BMW R1200RT bikes tend to brake, due to the fact that  they are too thin for the forces they have to put up with. As a replacement, I have started making these stainless steel (aluminum or anything else will lose it's nice finish; besides, I have seen some other aftermarket aluminum offers but I don't really trust that material for this function) brackets that will never fail and will look always look shiny on your expensive bike

   They are a direct replacement of OEM BMW part numbers 46637686677 and 46637686678 . The lower brackets do not need to be changed since they seem to be more robust and most of the wind down force while riding is sustained by the upper brackets.

   Change yours today, in order to avoid uncomfortable situations in a journey, and if you consider changing the OEM windshield on your RT, these are a must have! 

   A pictorial on how to get them installed will follow shortly. Basically, the side fairing  needs to come off and some parts of the front/windshield need to come off as well. 

(in the meantime, looks like someone made a video about how to fit them: ) 

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(personally,Ifound it to be pretty intuitive, once the fairing comes off and then the windshield).

   The price is 75$ 88$  (until Feb. 2nd)per set , which has shipping included, worldwide! ( approx. 19$ )

Note that the price is per one set, so 75$ will cover it all for one bike

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