BMW motorcycles repair and upgrade parts

BMW motorcycles repair and upgrade parts 1100 1150 R RS RT GS


BMW 1100/1150 GS/RS/RT/R intake repair kit (throttle body repair)


I can re-haul intakes for all 1100 an 1150 BMW boxer motorcycles.Sending you the kit is also an option that many owners chose.

After using the bike for a few years, the spindle and the intake bushings get worn, resulting in the spindle play, resulting in that annoing rattle and may leading to bike surging.

I can fix your intake if you send it over or I cand send you a complete rebuild kit and do the work yourself.

A kit contains:

  • a new splindle(shaft);
  • necessary bushings;
  • set of complete o-rings;

Having the intake full repaired is just like having a new one, but at a fraction of a cost.

Also, it may reduce/stop the well known surging effect on BMW boxers.

Just contact me specifying what bike model do you have and the manufacture year.

Install tutorial HERE

Regarding payments, the price is 60$/one side kit or 110$ for both sides.Please specify if it's the R/H side or the L/H side kit you need, in case it's just one kit.

Shipping is 19$ regardless you have one side kit, both sides or both intakes repaired (~ 1kg,  there is a standard price for the first killo).

Important: Please contact us prior to paying in case you want the intakes fixed by me. Please use the "Contact us" tab above.

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