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BMW R1200 LC stanchion protectors


These will fit the 2013 onwards 1200 series LC bikes that have the telelever suspension system. So, the GS, GSA and the RT bikes.

There are a couple of images on facebook regarding failed stanchions on the new LC bikes. Looks like the stanchion tubes are thinner in material section and also have a smaller diameter than the previous hexhead/DOHC bikes. Because the forks are downsized, they seem to get more stress in the upper part, where the stanchion meets the bolt that goes trough the triple clamp. The joint is secured by the stanchin being pressed in four points, just as on the previous models.

So, it is there where it fails, the bolt just gets out of the stanchion. Not only is this dangerous, but it can ruin a riding trip...

I came up with this design implementation, in order to make them light and strong. The bushings are made out of 2007 aluminum and the nuts are stainless steel with nylon inserts to avoid getting the threaded pins to get loose.The bushings are machined, then fine sand blasted and annodised, so that they do not corrode over time.

On the lower side, the bushings are machined to perfectly fit the stanchion diameter, on the upper side, the bushing gets strongly attached to the bolt hex nut, with the pins pressing on it. The threaded nuts secure everything in place.

Fitting is pretty easy and does not necesarly involve a service work, in case you do not have two left hands. The bike has to stay on the centerstand, with the front wheel slightly off the ground - so, in the air.

  • work on one side at a time;
  • take of the plastic cap using a flat screwdriver
  • use a 22 mm  wrench and a 14 mm tubular wrench to loosen the lock nut on the triple clamp
  • move the rubber band on the upper side of the stanchion so that you can remove it once the stanchion is out of the triple clamp (not sure why BMW used the rubber band, I have found some rust under it after removal...)
  • take out the nut, lower the tube in the fork, get the tube out of the triple clamp, remove the rubber from the tube, slide in the protector and re-insert the tube in the triple clamp.
  • tighten the lock nut to 19Nm while holding the hex with the 22 mm wrench
  • position the bushing so that one hole would face one side of the hex;
  • start putting in the threaded pins by hand, all three of them.
  • put the lock nuts over the threaded pins and hand tighten them by feel; do not demonstrate your strength on them, as they are just for locking reasons.
  • move the handlebar all the way on bot sides, make sure the turning range is clear and the bushings do not interfere with anything.
  • do the same on the other side

Then take the bike for a test ride, make sure the stanchion nuts are secured in place and the bike rides well.

The price for a set is 85$, shipping included(~ 19$) worldwide.


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