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Adventurize your pegs! install kit


Hi all,




You've seen that there are adventure pegs for almost all the adventure bikes out there, having some benefits:




- they give you a larger foot surface, so that you won't feel pain after a long ride;

- better stability, so that the foot does not slip;

- some other benefits that you can think of :)




They do have a big disadvantage... the price. The cheapest I know of are at ~ 100 eur, being reduced from 160 eur.


So I thought of making these kits that allow you to have adv pegs on your bike. With a little work from your side. But a whole lot cheaper.



All the parts that you will get are stainless steel.



What would you get:




- a set of parts;


- necessary screws;


- nuts for holding everything together.




A detailed procedure for having them mounted can be found HERE

The price is 60$ per kit, shipping included, worldwide!

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